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MMANMemory Manager
MMANMoney Market Association of Nigeria
MMANMonomethylamine Nitrate (explosive)
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TABLE 1: Fault injection results on Memory Manager without SCFC.
Logically, the physical layer of HFS is situated below the memory manager, as shown in Figure 2, so that mapped file I/O can exploit the facilities of the physical layer.
Such memory-based devices as bitmap displays are realized by a memory manager holding the screen memo in its address space.
An interrupt and bus simulation module provides the interface between the physical memory manager and the caches.
In addition, there are third party products such as Quarterdeck's QEMM (Expanded Memory Manager) that offer their own approaches to maximizing conventional memory.
The secret is Quarterdeck's newest memory manager QEMM which uses the ability of DOS version 5.0 (or higher) to load most of itself into high RAM, that wasteland above 640k at the top of the first Meg.
The uninterruptible power supply, which includes a free Larson Computer EMMPOWER memory manager, has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $299.00.
However, DOS can address the unused 64K block of Upper Memory that the expanded memory manager has reserved for its storage area.
It was originally installed to take advantage of two utilities that Microsoft shipped for the first time in DOS 6.0 -- DoubleSpace, a disk compression utility, and MemMaker, a memory manager.
The best help one can find is a computer with a 386 or higher microprocessor, 2 megabytes or more of random access memory, and either DOS 5.0 and its memory management utilities or a third-party memory manager, which will add similar tricks to an older DOS version.
While I like QEMM as a memory manager, it appears that isolated conflicts between its "Stealth" technology and Arago DBXL may exist.
QEMM-386 a memory manager. Although DOS 5.0 comes with a memory manager of its own, if you're using DESQview, you'll want QEMM.