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MENIMultiple Endocrine Neoplasias Type I
MENIMobil Exploration Norway Inc. (energy industry)
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Meni has served as the Company's interim CEO since February 4, 2019 and the Company's Chief Product Officer since May of 2018.
"Meni has an in-depth knowledge of the products, technology, and the vision to see where and how the company will be able to grow its presence and revenue and rebuild its shareholder value."
When opening Spa de Beaut, "I wanted to bring something effective and noninvasive," said Meni, who previously owned a laser center in Forest Hills.
Correspondence should be addressed to Meni Mundama;
Forty-five right knees received MAT surgeries (0 Mrad group, 1.5 Mrad group, 2.5 Mrad group, 15 in each group), whereas the remaining 15 only received medial meniscectomy (Meni group).
Registration for Al Meni, the traditional pearl hunting and fishing competition for children at Katara - the Cultural Village, starts today, the organising committee has announced.
"consciousness" of a particular soul, the Ka of the dead Meni,
The two meni exchanged bitter accusations with each other during the years 2002-2003.
Anhygoel medda chi, ond mae hyn wedi arwain hefyd i CADW orfod rheoli'r mynediad i safloeoedd fel Barclodiad y Gawres - byddai rhai yn dal i fynnu crafu graffiti ar y meni yno pe bai dim rheolaeth yno.
It is the first to show the classical Iban sword belt, called a 'band' in the book, which was called for by Lang in the pengap and woven in a trice by the goddess of dyeing, Meni. Indeed, the pengap had been made contemporary so that Meni could weave the piece on a loom because this original sword belt, as Richards wrote: "duku' ia be-entagai ka ubungpit" (his sword belt is made of plaited thread) (Richards, 1981, An Iban-English Dictionary, p 88).
He was predeceased by a brother, Ronald "Kenneth" Johnson and sister, Marjorie Meni Cutch.
Acting Jerusalem District Police Commander Meni Yitzhaki, who visited the monastery Sept.