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Many women are prescribed hormones like synthetic estrogen and progestin starting in their teens (in the form of hormone-based contraceptives), continuing through the menopausal transition (in the form of menopause hormone therapy), and even later years (in the form of estrogen therapy).
Given the risks of menopause hormone therapy, many women seek alternative approaches to controlling these problems.
We've also created a Fact Sheet entitled, "Menopause Hormone Therapy. Timing Doesn't Matter," to explain the study design and what the evidence actually shows; it's available on our website,
(Read the NWHN's analysis of the "window of opportunity" theory in our Fact Sheet, Menopause Hormone Therapy and Cardiovascular Protection, available at: menopause-hormone.therapy-and-cardiovascular.
We already knew that nearly $1 billion was spent on menopause hormone therapy during its heyday, but our eyes were opened when we learned that even more is spent each year on male pattern baldness.
If you've read women's health news lately, there's a good chance you've noticed two diametrically opposed articles about menopause hormone therapy (HT)--one saying it is not a viable long-term option because its risks are too great; the other saying that it may benefit your heart, provided the therapy is started immediately after a woman passes through menopause.
NWHN supported bisphosphonates' development to give women an alternative to long-term use of menopause hormone therapy, which was the most common osteoporosis treatment.
NWHN believes that women have the right to choose whether or not to use menopause hormone therapy, breast implants, or any of the other products discussed in this issue.
We worked together with Barbara on some of the biggest issues in women's health, including the fight to ensure that adequate research be done on the safety of menopause hormone therapy. Barbara was so happy when the results of the Women's Health Initiative were widely reported, and women could finally make truly informed decisions about menopause hormone therapy; and as we all know, thousands of women have avoided breast cancer thanks to this information.
Menopause hormone therapy is a great example of this: drug company marketing made it very compelling to think that taking hormones made women feel smart, energetic, and sexy.
Providing women with accurate and comprehensive information about menopause, menopause hormone therapy, and alternative methods of dealing with the menopause experience was another top priority, supported by 82% of respondents.
Sometimes, our analysis is short and sweet: menopause hormone therapy works for hot flashes, but hasn't been proven to prevent wrinkles.