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MTBDMental Breakdown
MTBDMean Time Between Detection
MTBD7-Methyl-1,5,7-Triazabicyclo (4.4.0)dec-5-Ene
MTBDMuay Thai Bund Deutschland (German Muay Thai Association)
MTBDMean Time Between Demands
MTBDMean Time Between Defects
MTBDMetropolitan Transit Development Board
MTBDMean Terminal Bronchial Density (pulmonary medicine)
MTBDModel Transformation by Demonstration (computer programming)
MTBDManually Triggered Oxygen Powered Breathing Device
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Recorder Hill said: "It seems from the pre-sentence report that the defendant was having something of a mental breakdown, smashing the place up and seeking to end it all, and his wife was trying to stop that behaviour.
Defending, Sarah Stewart told the court: "Mr Scholes was in a state of emotional and mental breakdown.
London, Oct 24 ( ANI ): Taliban's reclusive leader Mullah Omar has had a mental breakdown, one of his close aides has claimed.
A CORONER recorded a verdict of unlawful killing on the death of two-year-old Christy Ruddell, strangled by his mother in the midst of a mental breakdown.
Following the funeral, She experiences a mental breakdown and then He, a therapist, decides on radical action to help her get over the grief.
He was finally freed by expat charity worker tracy cosgrave, but later suffered a mental breakdown.
Her solicitor Adrian Ion said: "Not only is she suffering from an alcohol addiction which she has kept secret from her family, but she has also suffered from a complete mental breakdown.
Alleged links to extremist websites were being examined as authorities attempted to work out if Hasan's rampage was driven by mental breakdown or ideological rage.
He finds himself drawn back to his childhood haunts in the East End, where he pieces together the memories that recreate the trauma that led to his mental breakdown in David Cronenberg's taut psychological thriller.
JLB's niece suspects the Nigerian dentist she works for, Dr Komoti, is having a mental breakdown.
3 : to suffer a physical or mental breakdown <She collapsed from exhaustion.
It was there he suffered the mental breakdown at the heart of his complaint.