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Mental Handicap and the Human Condition: An Analytic Approach to Intellectual Disability (Revised Second Edition).
(1991) Paradox, reprimand, and extinction in adults with mental handicap. Journal of Mental Deficiency Research, 35, 374-383.
Enhanced with questions for personal reflection and a 12-week study guide, Guilt-Free Motherhood is especially recommended to the attention of single mothers, working mothers, mothers of children with a physical or mental handicap, mothers having to cope with the illness or even death of a child, and mothers with concerns for their adult children.
The initiative launched by the European Commission in 2003, which made last year The European Year of People with Disabilities (EYPD), has attained its objective of raising public awareness of the situation of the 37 million Europeans suffering from a physical or mental handicap, according to the Commission.
A recent case in Alberta provides recognition that persons who are mentally ill or suffer from a mental handicap can perform certain legal functions even though they may have a mental deficiency.
However, despite inspired moments and a scenery-chewing Al Pacino, the combination of dire miscasting, stupid plot, inconsistent tone, excessive running time, ludicrous ending and using mental handicap as comic relief, Ben and J-Lo's romcom box office bomb is still a disaster.
(6) These impressionable traits include youthfulness, a low or borderline intelligent quotient (IQ), mental handicap, psychological inadequacy, recent bereavement, language barrier, alcohol or other drug withdrawal, illiteracy, fatigue, social isolation, or inexperience with the criminal justice system.
A mental handicap is usually the result of brain damage or a genetic disorder such as Down syndrome.
Professor Gisli Gudjonsson, a forensic psychologist at London's Institute of Psychiatry, and Professor Michael Kopelman, a neuro-psychiatrist at St Thomas Hospital, London, point out that as well as being an epileptic, George had a mental handicap which impaired his awareness.
(13.) Richard Neugebauer, "Mental Handicap in Medieval and Early Modern England: Criteria, Measurement and Care," in From Idiocy to Mental Deficiency: Historical Perspectives on People With Learning Disabilities, ed.
The book also takes up other philosophical and ethical problems of mental handicap, not directly related to the issue of moral standing: the problem of defining mental handicap, and the ethics of using the label mental handicap and of providing rehabilitation for the mentally handicapped in segregated settings.
In a way, Edward Norton's turn in "The Score," in which his thief used a mental handicap as a disguise, gave the trade secret away when it comes to this sort of performance.