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I have even been the victim of a death threat issued by a mentally unbalanced person who thankfully was committed to a secure institution before he could carry it out.
Gun control advocates believe that the possession of firearms, a right granted to all American citizens under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, is responsible for the occasional killing sprees perpetrated by mentally unbalanced individuals in this country.
(2007/PG) Betty Blue 10.45pm, Film4 A mentally unbalanced and sexually aggressive free spirit (Beatrice Dalle) falls for a repairman who moonlights as a writer (Jean-Hughes Anglade).
This is a problem with people who have no prior evidence of mental illness, but who may be mentally unbalanced. We have no way of knowing if they will shoot up a school or a post office until they do.
The mentally unbalanced Kirsty, played by Ashley Laurence, is confined to a mental hospital after her experiences - including seeing the gruesome death of her father - in the hellish domain of the Cenobites.
"I kind of mumbled" and "said I need to talk to some people," Bodomov recalled, adding that it might have made officials think he was mentally unbalanced.
However, one empathizes with her feelings about her past and her conflict over protecting a brother whom she loves yet knows is mentally unbalanced and evil at heart.
"They fear that they will be ridiculed or deemed to be mentally unbalanced" (54).
In the circumstances, even in comparison to the low figure in Britain, German National Socialism attracted remarkably few enthusiasts in Australia and a number of them were mentally unbalanced or fringe dwellers of the landscape of the 1930s.
Mr Laviani said Preiti had "confessed everything" and did not appear mentally unbalanced.
The man "confessed everything" and did not appear mentally unbalanced, Mr Laviani added.
Dickens alleged that Catherine was mentally unbalanced and an unfit wife and mother when the real reason was he wanted to pursue a younger woman away from the watchful eyes of Catherine.