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Regular service with the necessary checks and interventions to keep street lighting in good working order, renovate mercury vapor lights, renovate cabinets, install, remove and maintain christmas lights.
The park retrofitted the mercury vapor lights with incandescents--shielded so they prevented light from escaping sideways and skyward--and placed them on motion sensors to illuminate only when needed.
T8 lighting and electronic ballasts have been used throughout the retrofit, most incandescents and mercury vapor lights are being replaced, and compact fluorescents and halogen lamps have been used extensively.
Mercandescent lights are mercury vapor lights that use an incandescent filament instead of a ballast.
The tender involves the supply of 740 LED luminaires for public lighting to replace mercury vapor lights currently used by the municipality and the provision of a remote management system for these fixtures.
Mercury vapor lights can be purchased in two versions: clear and coated.
Two of the three types of neighborhood lighting already existed--high pressure sodium and old mercury vapor lights. As part of the study, some mercury vapor lights were changed to low pressure sodium.
Work includes upgrad e of lights in tunnels and underpasses, bridges, highways, overhead guide sign lighting, obsolete incandescent and mercury vapor lights as well as navigation lights on bridges and waterways.Projects include: a) Street Light Replacement b) Streetlight Design Services c) Streetlight System Upgrade d) Streetlight Conversion e) Electrical Upgrade f) CW painting of street light and traffic signal poles g) CW Street and Bridge Light Maintenance h) Multiple Circuit Conversion i) Streetlight Asset Management j) Highway Lighting k) Emergency Response to Knockdowns
However, mercury vapor lights have a slow warm-up period and a slow recovery after a power failure.
Once the lights are purchased, Sistare s proposal calls for replacing the current mercury vapor lights with LEDs.