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MercMercedes Benz
MercMercenary (gaming, Flyff)
MercMiddle East Rally Championship (International Automobile Federation)
MercMaharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (India)
MercMercury Dime (issued 1916 to 1945)
MercMichigan Employment Relations Commission
MercMercian (linguistics)
MercMetropolitan Exposition-Recreation Commission
MercMiddle East Regulatory Conference
MercMercer Engineering Research Center
MercMedical Effectiveness Research Center (University of California, San Francisco)
MercMandatory Employment Related Costs (Canada)
MercMedical Equipment Repair Center
MercNational Centre for Research in Music Education and Sound Arts (University of Canterbury; New Zealand)
MercMorgantown Energy Research Center (US Department of Energy)
MercMobile Emissions Reduction Credit
MercMarine Environment Research Center
MercMalaysian Economic Research Corporation
MercMobility Enhancing Ration Components
MercMarine Extension and Research Center
MercMinority Economic Resources Corporation
MercMedical Education Reserach Committee (various organizations)
MercMerged Emergency Response Center (US Air Force)
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Some experts contended that the model was Maria Teresa Carafelli, wife of the coin's designer, Antonio de Francisci, who had immigrated to America in 1905 and studied under several sculptors known for their designs of US coins of other denominations: James Fraser (the Buffalo Nickel, 1913-1935), Hermon MacNeil (the Standing Liberty Quarter, 1916-1930), Adolph Weinman (the Mercury Dime, 1916-1945), and Augustus Saint-Gaudens (the $20 Double Eagle, 1907-1933).
Weinmans Winged Liberty design used on the obverse of the so-called Mercury dime, and the reverse design is based upon Weinmans Eagle design for the 1907 American Institute of Architects (AIA) gold medal.
Coin collectors seeking specific guides will welcome over three hundred pages of pricing, grading directions, history and collector insights to the mercury dime, standing liberty quarter and liberty walking half dollars, which were minted between 1916 and 1947 and can be found in many old-time collections.
It was modeled after the Mausoleum of Maussollos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and its 17-ton guardian Sphinxes named Wisdom and Power--were sculpted by the artist who later designed the Mercury dime.
(The Price Chopper logo is a picture of a Mercury dime with an ax cleaving into Mercury's head; in other words, an ax murder.) The supermarket employees were both middle-aged women.
13 Stories Down takes place in a 40,000-square-foot warehouse rented from Mercury Dime LLC.
'At that time, you would commonly see a buffalo nickel or a Mercury dime," said Dr.
The 1916 Mercury dime, bearing the head and winged helmet of the ancient Roman messenger god, was replaced in 1945 by the Franklin Roosevelt dime.