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MFHMulti-Family Housing
MFHMalignant Fibrous Histiocytoma
MFHMuseum of Florida History
MFHMerge from Head (software versioning)
MFHMilitary Family Housing
MFHMedical Foster Home
MFHMesenchyme Forkhead
MFHManagement for Hire
MFHMaster of Foxhounds
MFHMaternal and Family Health (Wyoming)
MFHMilitary Funeral Honors (various armed forces)
MFHMobile Field Hospital
MFHMy Favorite Highway (band)
MFHMaximum Fork Height (standard specification of forklifts)
MFHMillforce Hunting (Sweden)
MFHMurder for Hire
MFHModified Frequency Hopping
MFHMy Future Husband
MFHMonkeys Flying High
MFHMonthly Flying Hours
MFHMaximum Fill Height (storage tanks)
MFHMinimum Fitting Height (opthalmic lenses)
MFHMercy for Humanity (band)
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mercy for the innocent, mercy for the weak, mercy for the unfortunate, mercy for humanity.
The songs will be written and composed by Western poets and composers to make them closer and more understandable in the West as the album wants to tell them that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and fanaticism; it is rather mercy for humanity in all time and places," the singer, popularly known as Bukhater, said.