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Research suggests that a broad range of literacy advocates can have a profound impact on reading behavior into adulthood (Merga, 2017a).
Phase One collected data from children about their read aloud experiences from seven schools, with the findings explored elsewhere (Ledger & Merga, in press).
One barrier in their way remains the same Iraqi Kurdish forces of Masoud Barzani who abandoned them two years ago, and whose pesh merga have capriciously operated the checkpoint at the border crossing that leads to both Rojava and the north side of Sinjar Mountain, making adequate access to essential supplies and building materials difficult if not impossible.
The pesh merga forces numbering more than 20,000 whom I have the honour of commanding look out from their trenches at an army of extremists bent on killing or enslaving all who oppose them.
At a news conference held Wednesday, NEBE chairperson Merga Bekana confirmed EPRDF has won 80.8% of the total parliamentary seats including 23 parliamentary seats from the capital, Addis Ababa.
Since Islamist militants began seizing territory in June, Iran played a pivotal role in aiding the two Kurdish pesh merga militias and the three Shiite militias that have fought ISIS on the ground after four battalions of the U.S.-trained Iraqi army disintegrated in June.
Eithopia pair Imane Merga and Edris Muktar couldn't be separated at the line with both athletes recording 27:39 while Taylor came home in 29:27.
If Isis had overrun the Kurdish pesh merga and besieged Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan's vast oil and gas fields could have fallen into its control.
'There is no need for Peshmerga forces to move into these areas,' said Jabbar Yawar, secretary general of the Ministry of Pesh Merga Affairs.
Unlike the Iraqi army, the Kurdish forces, known as pesh merga, are disciplined and loyal to their leaders and their cause: autonomy and eventual independence for a Kurdish state.
Relatant en majorite des histoires d'amour impossibles, ces contes etaient suivis a chaque fois par des chansons comme [beaucoup moins que]El Boughi[beaucoup plus grand que] inspiree du conte [beaucoup moins que]Nedjma[beaucoup plus grand que] et interpretee par Abbas Righi de Constantine ou encore [beaucoup moins que]Lazrag Saani[beaucoup plus grand que], une chanson du Sud algerien executee par Djelloul Merga d'Adrar.