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One barrier in their way remains the same Iraqi Kurdish forces of Masoud Barzani who abandoned them two years ago, and whose pesh merga have capriciously operated the checkpoint at the border crossing that leads to both Rojava and the north side of Sinjar Mountain, making adequate access to essential supplies and building materials difficult if not impossible.
The pesh merga forces numbering more than 20,000 whom I have the honour of commanding look out from their trenches at an army of extremists bent on killing or enslaving all who oppose them.
At a news conference held Wednesday, NEBE chairperson Merga Bekana confirmed EPRDF has won 80.
The White House, Western oil wild catters, the Turkish Republic and the pesh merga milita midwifed a de facto Kurdish sovereign state in the Middle East from the carcass of Baathist Iraq.
Le spectacle a pris fin sur les airs tragiques de la celebre histoire d'amour de [beaucoup moins que]Hiziya[beaucoup plus grand que] oE des extraits du poeme eponyme de Mohamed Ben Guittoun (XIX siecle), chantes par Djelloul Merga, ont ete alternes avec des passages de ce conte originaire de Biskra.
The earlier record was held by compatriot Deriba Merga who made his way round the course in 59: 15 seconds in 2008.
A statement by the Foreign Ministry, issued on Thursday 3, Oct, said that "Zebari arrived to Bucharest and was greeted by the Iraqi ambassador in Romania, Omar al-Barazanchi and Romanian ambassador in Baghdad, Iacob Prada and the head of the Middle East at the Romanian State Department, Laura Merga and the Chairman of the Protocol Department, Khiurki Denika and staff of the Iraqi embassy in Romania.
08 seconds, ahead of fellow Ethiopians Imane Merga and Abera Kuma.
In the end, Ethiopia's Imane Merga took second at 27:12.
Kenya were denied team gold in the men's race however, as their six-year dominance was ended by Ethiopia Nineteen-year-old Korir at least gave Kenya individual glory, as he finished in 32:45 with a six-second cushion from Ethiopian Immane Merga, who was three seconds clear of Eritrean Teklemariam Medhin.
Nineteen-year-old Korir finished in 32:45 with a six-second cushion from Ethiopian Immane Merga.
Chez les hommes, le detenteur du titre, Imane Merga, aimerait bien doubler la mise.