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M&AMergers and Acquisitions
M&AMonitoring and Assessment
M&AMeasurement and Analysis
M&AMemorandum and Articles
M&AMerger and Acquisition
M&AManagement & Administration
M&AMonitoring & Analysis
M&AManagement & Analysis
M&AModeling & Analytics
M&AMultiplier and Adder
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The battle over Corus, an Anglo-Dutch steel company, between an Indian and Brazilian company reflects the global merger binge that has moved the steel industry from a Wall Street pariah to a sector of great interest in the mergers and acquisition community.
This Manager's Briefing addresses the subject of mergers and acquisitions in a very authoritative and practical manner.
study of 1998 mergers and acquisitions indicated that "55 percent of the dollar volume of U.S.
Although adequate for SEC and investor purposes, FAS5 and subsequent guidance are insufficient to meet the business-driven environmental activities of today, such as mergers and acquisitions, brown-fields redevelopment and the associated placement of environmental "cost-cap" insurance.
MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS represent a favorite growth strategy for many CPA firms.