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MYCTMerseyside Youth Challenge Trust (UK)
MYCTMotor Yacht Club of Tasmania (Tasmania, Australia)
MYCTMotor-Yacht-Club Tegel (Germany)
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Last year 10 Redrow graduates on a rotational training programme volunteered their time, services and pulled in favours from sub-contractors and suppliers, to give offices and a classroom at Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust, in Allerton, a major facelift; all completed in three days with zero budget.
Eager to donate money to a charity that encourages youngsters to get outdoors and active, the staff at Aerial Extreme came up with this fearless feat to help the Merseyside Youth Challenge trust.
Abbie Jones, 16, from the Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust, in action Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY/
It's also home to the Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust, an outdoor activity centre that has given children and young people a structured outdoor adventure and training facility that encourages selfesteem, self-confidence and healthy lifestyles.
LIVERPOOL Sailing Club and Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust have recently moved significant step for-ward in their initiative to involve the local community in developing an interest in water sports.
Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust, an outdoor pursuits education centre based in Allerton Tower Park, is open to young people from all backgrounds.
Archery: Groups can try Archery at the Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust outdoor activity centre at Allerton Tower.
Mr Whiteside founded the Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust more than 20 years ago.
The record attempt was designed to raise funds through sponsorship for the Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust - a charity which helps young people, many with learning or physical disabilities or underprivileged backgrounds, get involved in outdoor activities.
Over the past seven years the sailing club and its partner Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust used a fleet of land yachts to teach youngsters the principles of sailing, and provided sailing opportunities using the Liverpool Marina-based MYCT flagship the Liver Bird.
Other beneficiaries include Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust, which received pounds 300, and St Omers Trust which received pounds 500.
Bill Whiteside, of the Merseyside Youth Challenge Trust, has returned to school to train as a day skipper so he can take children out on the open sea.
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