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MERVMinimum Efficiency Reporting Value (air conditioning and heating filters)
MERVMobile Education Resource Vehicle (Texas)
MERVMeteorological Emergency Response Vehicle (Yankee Environmental Systems, Inc.)
MERVMajor Emergency Response Vehicle
MERVMedical Equipment Rental Vendor (University Medical Center; Tucson, AZ)
MERVMaximum Expression and Regulated Vectors (gene therapy)
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1-2016 (for commercial buildings) currently requires a minimum of MERV 8 on the mixed airstream, (18) which was strengthened from MERV 6 in the 2010 version.
Merv Leech has both motor mechanical and boiler maker trade backgrounds, college lecturing, owned his own businesses and worked in various management roles.
His campmates, including former Aussie bowler Merv, 53, were left in fits of giggles.
I was actually ahead 7-5, but Merv never let me get any rhythm, mixing up his serves and shots.
For the residential, MERV 7 filter, two identical filters were sent to each volunteer user.
Johnson said that people told him it was lucky, just like for greats Merv Hughes and Dennis Lillee.
This will be the only time that Merv Hughes will be speaking while he is in the UK.
The MERV ratings of filters readily available for use in residential HVAC systems range from a low of around 3 to a high of 16 - with higher ratings removing more particles at smaller sizes.
This was Merv Hughes' suggestion to aid the Aussies on the subcontinent.
THE Record egged on readers to try Merv "The Swerve" Hunter's party trick - and they made an eggs-ellent job of it.
New Filter Technology Combines HEPA-level Performance, MERV 16 Rating
I was so thrilled with the result last Saturday as I am sure Merv would have felt the same.