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MESALMillion Equivalent Standard Axle Loads
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The single differential character between Discocyrtus and Metadiscocyrtus is the subapical mesal pedipalpal femur, purportedly present in the former and absent in the latter.
The maximum difference was noted in Mesal orthodontic bracket where the mean difference was 0.0012".
from its congeners: pupal antennal horns dentate and sclerotized with 3 papillae on each horn and cephalic lateral spine rectangular in pupae, male flagellomeres tricircumfilar; with mesal circumfila appressed to flagellomere; gonocoxites without medial constriction; and inducing galls in leaf of Clidemia sp.
Torax: Patagia blanco-cremoso, con el borde mesal marron y escamas marrones sobre la parte postero-mesal.
A9: cylindrical, with three subsegments (dorsal view); anterior subsegment without setae; posterior two subsegments sclerotized, with setae; mesal subsegment with ~seven pairs of dorsal setae; posterior subsegment with ~12 pairs of dorsal setae, about half of them lateral.
In each group, the ranked species that contributed most to biomass were Thracia papyracea, Mesalia mesal, Hyalinoecia bilineata, and Echinocardium cf.
k'onDa meSaL'ak o Sin~g zhe bro -ay hornless lamb -RTM peak and crest -in
(22.) Yasemin Congar, "Mesal, Esad, Bush, Erdogan," Milliyet, July 3, 2006.
SALEM Oregon AELMS (pl of Danish aelm, OED elm), ALEMS (ST: pl of OED alem), ALMES (OED), AMELS (DF: pl of OED amel), AMSEL (OED), ELAMS (OED helm 1862q), ELMAS (Elmas, Sardinia OED overfly 1946q), ESMAL (OED amal), LAEMS (pl of laem, OED loam), LAMES (to lame), LEAMS (plural OED), LEMAS (ST: pl of OED lema), LEMSA (Lemsa, village near Tangier, OED fonduk 1891q), MAELS (ST: pl of OED mael), MALES, MASEL (OED), MASLE (OED male), MEALS, MELAS (Melas, Turkish rug, Web2), MELSA (Melsa OED rood 1396q), MESAL (OED), SALME (OED), SAMEL (OED), SAMLE (OED sam), SEALM (OED psalm), SELAM (OED), SELMA (Selma, Alabama CGNA), SEMAL (OED), SMAEL (OED small), SMALE (Smale, Monroe Co, Arkansas CGNA, or OED small), SMEAL (OED small).