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MESSSGTMess Sergeant
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The mess sergeant fled out into the darkness and returned with two troopers and a corporal, all very much perplexed.
Sacco recalled, "the mess sergeant would ask me to come over and make some dishes for him and his friends.
The young medical technician and the mess sergeant may never know just how important a contribution they made to the defense of our nation.
Gearou--the Army mess sergeant who had encouraged him to become a cook more than 42 years ago.
Under close supervision of the mess sergeant and the senior cook, KPs performed duties such as setting tables, peeling vegetables, hand-washing dishes and utensils, cleaning table tops after meals, mopping the kitchen and dining room floors, cleaning kitchen ranges, disposing of garbage, and assisting the mess sergeant in purchasing and storing food.
Brian Farmer spent 22 years in the Army with the Queens Own Royal Hussars before retiring as a Mess Sergeant.
I told the mess sergeant that we shot a deer--I didn't know but what we shot some farmer's cow.
There we found that the mess sergeant had also saved a hot meal for each of us.