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References in classic literature ?
There had been no sound of attack--none of the hideous war-cries or vainglorious waving of menacing spears that ordinarily marks the attack of savages--just a silent messenger of death from out of the silent forest.
As a black released his messenger of death he would slink behind the sheltering stem of the tree he had selected, nor would he again aim until a watchful eye told him that none was looking toward his tree.
Yet, after all, it was a cruel deed of charity to be the messenger of death! So I hurried on, splashing and bemiring myself in the byways of the Bourbonnais.
He had just fancied they were cruelly deserted by their scout, as a stream of flame issued from the rock beneath them, and a fierce yell, blended with a shriek of agony, announced that the messenger of death sent from the fatal weapon of Hawkeye, had found a victim.
The letter which had been the messenger of death for Milverton lay, all mottled with his blood, upon the table.
We thank the victors of the Cold War, who-now that they have gallantly rid the world of the "Red Peril"--have unwrapped the death shrouds from their faces, and revealed to us what a mummified messenger of death really looks like.
But evil Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi - the messenger of death - was simply a pawn in a political chess game.
He incorporates the vastly greater sense of timelessness in his role as the archetypical messenger of death whose job it was to transport the souls of mortals from this world into the next.
He starred in films including The Valachi Papers, Chato's Land, Breakout, Telefon, Love and Bullets, Death Hunt, Assassination, and Messenger of Death.
Graham's most significant role for Wood was the Messenger of Death in her epic Clytemnestra.
And the Steinbeck estate is concerned that Alfredo Zacharias, director of such B movies as "Demonoid: Messenger of Death" and "The Bees," isn't the man for the job.
She rarely sees her father, but they are close in spirit and when she discovers, through a messenger of Death, that he might be trapped in Death, she knows she has to cross over the Wall to find him and save him.