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METAMiddle East, Turkey, and Africa (geographical region)
METAMulticultural Education Training and Advocacy
METAModena Energia Territorio Ambiente (Modena, Italy)
METAMegachannel Extraterrestrial Assay
METAMetaheuristics and Nature Inspired Computing (workshop)
METAModelo Extrahospitalario Español de Triage Avanzado (Spanish: Model Outpatient Spanish Advanced Triage)
METAMedical Equipment and Technology Association
METAMillimeter Emission Temperature of the Atmosphere
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Flavell (1970s), precursor de la investigacion en meta-cognicion dio origen al termino; refiriendose al conocimiento que uno tiene acerca de sus propios procesos y productos cognitivos, a la monitorizacion, la regulacion y ordenacion de dichos procesos en relacion con los objetos cognitivos, datos o informacion sobre los cuales ellos influyen, normalmente al servicio de un objetivo o meta relativamente concreta (Perez, 2006).
The fact of the matter is that meta keywords just don't hold the level of relevancy that they used to.
Meta's party is the minority coalition partner to the Democratic Party of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and thus key to the European Union applicant government's future stability.
(2003) os sujeitos nao perceberam diferencas entre os componentes aproximacao e evitacao da meta performance, o que impossibilitou a analise do aspecto positivo deste tipo de meta.
"The reason for its instant success is that META shelving is not only a quality engineered product, it's also cost effective and available from stock to meet short leadtimes.
Jiang continued: "Roamware Meta Hubs provide a new level ofresource optimization and speedy go to market capability for the GSM operatorcommunity on a range of roaming solutions and roaming relationships extensionin the market place.
Meta declined a full scholarship to Vassar in order to keep her promise to teach at the Greenville Institute in North Carolina.
While the figure is lower than many published reports, Meta Group analysts argue that it has far-reaching implications, as it likely represents the new "steady state" of IT.
META research operations include coverage of such IT topics as applications, collaboration, content, development, enterprise architecture, infrastructure, operations, project management and security.
The barcode entry was selected to accommodate the future addition of using barcodes to track the magazines, look up the meta data and populate the input forms.
Meta analysis synthesizes multiple studies, transforms study outcomes into a common unit of measurement, and employs statistical analyses to identify patterns of relationships between variables of interest (Conn & Rantz, 2003; Engle & Graney, 1990).