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MetSMetabolic Syndrome
MetSMining Equipment, Technology and Services (industry sector)
MetSMetabolic Equivalents (multiples of resting oxygen uptake)
MetSMetadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
MetSMetropolitans (New York baseball team)
MetSMission Essential Tasks
MetSMaterials and Equipment Trading Service
MetSMetropolitan Evansville Transit System
MetSMotorist Emergency Telepone System (Australia)
MetSModular Egress Training Simulator (Survival Systems)
MetSMobile Electronic Test Set
MetSModern Engineering and Technology Seminar
MetSMechanized Export Traffic System
MetSMicrowave Energy Transmission in Space
MetSMobile Electronic Threat Simulator
MetSModular Equipment Transporter System (NASA)
MetSMobile Emissions Testing System (US EPA)
MetSMcCord's Emergency Travel Service
MetSMeteorological Event Triggering System (Atmospheric Technology, Inc.)
MetSModular Engine Test Stand
MetSMaintenance Equipment Transport System
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Morgan Cundiff's 2004 article, "An Introduction to the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS)" in Library Hi Tech, provides a helpful overview of METS for library and technical staff encountering this schema for the first time.
The NCGDAP project will experiment with the use of the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard, a technology that has emerged in the library community, as a data bundling scheme.
As XML, it can also be used as an extension schema to METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard, and can represent metadata for OAI (Open Archives Initiative) harvesting.
The Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) (Library of Congress, 2005), NISO Z39.87 (Technical Metadata for Digital Still Images) (National Information Standards Organization and AIIM International, 2002), and the OCLC Digital Archive metadata set (OCLC, 2002) were the only named schemes used by more than 20 percent of respondents.
The Library of Congress's Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) (Library of Congress, 2003) schema provides a flexible mechanism for encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata for a digital library object and for expressing the complex links between these various forms of metadata.
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