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MDMSMaterial Safety Data Sheet (product safety)
MDMSMobile Device Management System
MDMSMeter Data Management System
MDMSMetadata Management System
MDMSMarconi Digital Multipoint System (Marconi)
MDMSMaintenance Data Management System
MDMSMission Data Management System
MDMSModel Driven Monitoring System (IBM)
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The Inxight Metadata Management System includes three modules: the Metadata Connector, which directs extracted output from Inxight's Smart-Discovery text extraction; the Metadata Repository, which leverages and extends the power of a standard Oracle database to hold Inxight-extracted information; and the thin-client Metadata Editor, which allows users to modify and augment the results of Inxight's SmartDiscovery text extraction.
It seemed as if this was a prime opportunity to shift our metadata management system to cloud technology as opposed to running virtual machines hosted by Wayne State University.
1) support in the modification and maintenance of the system Geoportal 2, Universal Module of map (module UMM), tools for harmonization, editor and validator metadata management system PRG, to conduct EMUiA applications and tools for quality control;
This project aims at addressing the technology needs for a Quality Control Metadata Management Systems in support of the new generation of land monitoring services.
In addition, metadata management systems can be audited to highlight problems, such as incomplete actions, that occur during business processes.
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