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The Local Meteoric Water Line (LMWL: [delta][sup.2]H = 7.10[delta] [sup.18]O +8.21) of Liu et al.
Invitation to tender: Refurbishment yard and main road-renewal meteoric water line renovation hydrant line extension ew - trassemenge: excavation ca 1~200 mrohre di 125 - 400 approx.
The red line is the segment of the Colombian Meteoric Line (CML) and the gray line is Global Meteoric Water line (FIGURE 9).
The [delta][sup.18]O and [delta][sup.2]H values (Table 4), plotted in Figure 12 in relation to the Global Meteoric Water Line (GMWL: [delta][sup.2]H = 8[delta]18O + 10) [34] and the Regional Meteoric Water Line of Sfax, Tunisia (SMWL: [delta][sup.2]H = 8[delta][sup.18]O + 13.5) [35, 36], show that most of the groundwater samples are located below the GMWL and near the SMWL which indicates water evaporation in the unsaturated zone.
This equation (LMWL) is not too far from the meteoric water line found by Longinelli and Selmo ([43]; SIMWL in Figure 5) in the whole southern Italy ([delta][sup.2]H = 6.97[delta][sup.18]O + 7.32).
The global meteoric water line (GMWL) was first published by Craig [23] and is a convenient reference for understanding and tracing water origin.
Such samples plot along a line that roughly has one-half the slope of the meteoric water line. This is usually interpreted as an evidence of significant evaporation that does not occur in the main channel only but, most likely, takes place preferentially in the numerous water bodies that occupy the wide flood plain.
Linear regression analysis is routinely applied to stable hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) isotope data from precipitation-water samples to determine a local meteoric water line. Several local meteoric water lines have been determined for southeastern Idaho and the adjacent Yellowstone National Park from data sets that represent winter precipitation conditions, summer precipitation conditions, evaporated surface water, and ground water.
When the [Delta]D values are plotted verses the [Delta]18[O.sub.[H.sub.2]O] values for the amethyst and the milky quartz, both boxes of data plot close to the meteoric water line [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 10 OMITTED].
Furthermore, the meteoric water line to the SBB underpass replaced and enlarged.
Stable [sup.2]H and [sup.18]O isotopes are often used to examine the origin of groundwater since Craig [12] established the global meteoric water line between [delta][sup.2]H and [delta][sup.18]O of precipitation.
-237: dirty water - and the meteoric water line NW to 315; 225m