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The chief meteorological officer claimed the capacity of the new radar is twice as much as the one already installed.
But in February 2003 he resigned claiming "he was a lieutenant in the Royal nautical reserve being called up as a meteorological officer on HMS Lancaster".
Vinalay, the chief meteorological officer of Pagasa Weather Station in Butuan feares that the tropical depression would intensify into a tropical storm in the next few hours.
On the other hand, PAGASA Weather Station, Baguio City Chief Meteorological Officer Engr.
The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services (PAGASA) Chief Meteorological Officer in Davao, Gerry Pedrico, said the region has been experiencing 2.7 degree Celsius surface temperature shift or from 35 degrees to more than 37 degrees.
This low pressure system is what caused these tropical storms during the last week in Cyprus," meteorological officer Marios Theofilou said.
Meteorological officer Karen Stewart said: "The current March temperatures are understood to be the highest at some stations since the exceptionally warm 1965.
Speaking to CNA, Meteorological Officer Panayiotis Michael said that the lowest temperatures were recorded on January 19, with 9.6 degrees Celsius in Nicosia.
This was the first meteorological office in the UAE and we still have all the records and historical data of Sharjah since 1933," says Abraham Jacob, meteorological officer, Department of Civil Aviation in Sharjah.
A meteorological officer at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire claimed he spent five minutes watching a jumbo jet-sized craft sweeping across country, probing with a powerful light.
It begins, not unexpectedly, with a check on the weather from the man who is possibly the second most important person on the base, meteorological officer, Wing Commander Bill McQueen.
Vinalay, chief meteorological officer of PAGASA Weather Station Butuan.
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