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METREPMeteorological Report
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Aviation meteorological reports, or Airmets report widespread existing and forecast reductions in visibility aimed primarily at conditions likely to affect flight planning for pilots of light aircraft.
According to the meteorological reports, weather will be slightly cloudy until the weekend.
In addition, the PTV issues regular meteorological reports of road conditions in all the provinces and closure of Motorway due to inclement weather and rain, he added.
"The surface temperature/dewpoint split indicated by the meteorological reports in the area suggested that carburettor icing could be expected at any power setting.
With hurricane season gearing up, based on meteorological reports, the storms may not be the only natural disaster to worry about, Hunt said.
The ship's captain, Gerard d'Aboville, closely monitors meteorological reports to manage his resources.
He said: "I've read meteorological reports which have said you can no longer put any weight behind long-term predictions.
"My bet is that soon all channels will be rolling meteorological reports, with friendly meteorologists talking not in terms of 'good' or 'bad' weather, but just stating facts without opinion or analysis.
Meteorological reports Monday, however, said showers would not resume over the course of the week.
never registered before in the region, according to the meteorological reports. Further, Ramadan expected that the humiditiy would begin to retreat on the
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