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3 - furnishing water meters and installation hardware: furnish approx 242 - 5/8"x ", 1", 2" and 4"cold water meters with encoder registration systems and radio frequency meter interface units for regular installation and meter pit installation.
AMR Meter Interface Units. Another application involves meter interface units (MIUs) that transmit data from utility meters to walk-by or drive-by data collectors.
principal items of work, include but are not limited to: provide and install 5/8" cold water meter 50 units provide and install 3/4" cold water meter 350 units provide and install 1" cold water meter 14 units provide and install 1-1/2" cold water meter 3 units provide and install 2" cold water meter 3 units provide and install radio frequency meter interface units 420 units.
2,000 - Radio Frequency Meter Interface Units (MIU) per the specifications attached.
The work includes: replacing older meters with new AMR equipped meters; equipping existing meters with radio meter interface units; supplying mobile data collectors and meter reading/route management software; and providing training to water improvement district personnel.
own the entire infrastructure from the collectors down to the meters and meter interface units