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- Lot 1 = 10748 + 4055 square meters square meters of glass surfaces,
Accompanying local dimensioned in line with the basins of surfaces: - Collective locker units and individual cabins satisfactory in terms of surfaces and characteristics of water bodies 258 square meters - 309 square meters local technical - administrative premises 127 meters square 3 "communal OPTIONS" - 1 Espace Bien Be Wet: 2 saunas, 1 steam bath, Marble Hot, massage showers, 1 jacuzzi, 1 relaxation area and 1 local maintenance.
built-up area: 5821 meters square, enclosed space: 139,786 meters square, the total usable area: 33 square 943.5 m.
4 removing existing toilets and 2 sinks .,removing tile 45 square meters of existing,manufacture and installation of two metal doors 0.90 x 2.10 meters square tube structure 1 "and covered with foil, oil paint application of recognized quality.,installation of 20 square meters of ceramic floor,seal drainage and hydraulic installations.
John of god with a length of 7255.00 meters linear are a total of 42079.00 meters square of 5.80 meters wide and 0.40 meters thick ballast
Market design and construction for the construction of three poles to the hospital Moulins-Yzeure: pole energy, medical technology and logistics hub and hospitalization consultationsla surface projected future work of hospital is about pole: 25,000 meters square.
The owner of the lot will be given VRD achieving all VRD on a plot of 8720 square meters square. Creation of 13 parking spaces.
estimated tonnages and surfaces per year batch are: 59t and 120 000 square meters Lot 1, 22t and 59,000 square meters for lot 2, 5t and 9500 square meters for Lot 3, 2t and 4000 meters square for lot 4, 6.5 t and 7000 square meters for Lot 5, 15t and 31 000 square meters Lot 6 and 6t and 6500 square meters for lot 7.
Contract notice: rehabilitation of a former ball mill to develop workshops and an indoor gallery (approximately 470 square meters), construction of new housing (approximately 360 square meters), development of the building~s surroundings (access, parking and public garden - approximately 900 meters squares), possible installation of photovoltaic panels.
This development involves a comprehensive construction program that breaks down into 18,200 square meters of housing, 500 square meters of retail and convenience services, 2,000 square meters dedicated to the construction of the new market hall and 2,500 meters squares dedicated to the new media library.