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MOEMobile (Amtrak station code; Mobile, AL)
MOEMAD (Magnetic Anomoly Detection) Operational Effectiveness
MOEMinistry of Education
MOEMaintenance of Effort
MOEMargin Of Error
MOEMinistry Of Environment
MOEMinistry of Energy (various nations)
MOEMaintenance of Equipment (transportation)
MOEModel of Excellence (various organizations)
MOEMeasure Of Effectiveness
MOEMinister of Economy (various locations)
MOEModern English (linguistics)
MOEMeans of Escape
MOEMargin of Exposure
MOEModulus of Elasticity
MOEMagpul Original Equipment (firearm accessories)
MOEMaintenance and Operating Expenses (various organizations)
MOEMantle of the Expert (teaching approach)
MOEMail over Ethernet
MOEMultimedia over Ethernet
MOEMetro Optical Ethernet
MOEMicrosoft Office Enterprise
MOEManagement over Ethernet
MOEMulticontrol over Ethernet
MOEMall of the Emirates (Dubai)
MOEMoney Over Everything (song title)
MOEMethod of Entry
MOEMinorities of Europe (UK)
MOEManufacturer Original Equipment
MOEMasters of Education
MOEMerger of Equals (investment banking)
MOEMethod Of Evaluation
MOEMetro Optical Ethernet (access piece for Ethernet service)
MOEMask of Eternity (game)
MOEMaintenance Organization Exposition (Canada)
MOEMalignant Otitis Externa
MOEMajor Organizational Entity
MOEMean Output Energy
MOEMajor Outage Event (electrical blackout)
MOEMoving Optical Element
MOEManagement Operating Environment
MOEMovement of Extremities
MOEManufacturing Operating Expense
MOEMeasure of Evaluation (source selection)
MOEMessage-Overlap Estimator
MOEMinimize Output Energy
MOEMinimum Operable Equipment
MOEMinimal Output Energy
MOEMaterial Obligation Established
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The ASA said the new method of entry was unfair to those participants who entered under the original terms, as was awarding existing participants a free entry into the prize draw.
"It also appeals to western investors and companies because it helps provide a method of entry into the GCC.
"Unfortunately the method of entry is extremely quiet and occupants can often be unaware of the offence taking place.
The Cairns Post has learnt that the culprit's method of entry is to smash through walls and squeeze through tight holes.
Bobbies were taught 'method of entry' techniques to combat a variety of locked doors, windows and staircases.
As an example, where Ross University was one of several off-shore institutions feeding graduates into American medicine, today there are more than a dozen such universities, and this method of entry has become quite acceptable.
If a greyhound entered at yesterday's early entry stage goes on to take its place in the first round - scheduled to start on Thursday June 2 - the cost to the owner will be pounds 200 as opposed to the pounds 300 charged under the more traditional method of entry.
On-the-job training, which may involve coursework at a school for locksmiths, is the usual method of entry into the occupation.
Investigators were still waiting for a complete list of stolen items, but the method of entry was similar to the others, he said.
Even a sweepstakes that technically does not require a purchase--but merely attendance at a specific time and location--must provide for an alternate method of entry that does not require such attendance.
Once a retailer decides to take the plunge, timing becomes extremely important, even more so than store format and method of entry. That's why A.T.
Once we catch these people, the usual next step is to raid the premises and a team of Method of Entry officers will be used to do this for speed.