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MOLMore Or Less
MOLMemorandum of Law
MOLMinistry of Labour
MOLMarine Online (US Marine Corps; website)
MOLMärkisch-Oderland (region in East Germany)
MOLMaximum Overall Length (lighting)
MOLMac on Linux
MOLMax Overall Length
MOLMan of Leisure
MOLMitsui OSK Lines (Japanese shipping and logistics company)
MOLMotor Over Load (electronics)
MOLMicrosoft Office Live
MOLMailing on Line
MOLMinistry of Labor
MOLMeaning of Life
MOLMargine Operativo Lordo
MOLMethod of Lines
MOLMagyar Olaj és Gázipari Részvénytársaság (Hungarian: Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc)
MOLMaximum Output Level
MOLMystery Of Life
MOLManned Orbital Laboratory
MOLMiracle of Love
MOLMotorola Online
MOLModels of Life (Christian modeling agency)
MOLMetropolitan Open Land (UK)
MOLMemo of Lease
MOLMaster of Organizational Leadership
MOLMain Oil Line
MOLMicrosoft Open License
MOLMinimum Operating Level
MOLMuscle of Love (Alice Cooper album)
MOLMongolia Online
MOLMachine Oriented Language
MOLMolde, Norway - Aro (Airport Code)
MOLMethod of Layers
MOLMaximum Operating Level
MOLMinister of Lists
MOLMobile Object Layer
MOLMaximum Order Limitations
MOLMaintenance of the Line
MOLMeowing Out Loud
MOLMaximum Ordering Limit
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measuring the absolute error between nonlinear Green's solution [w.sub.Green's] and the numerical solution [w.sub.MoL], derived by means of the method of lines, in degrees of 10.
We take [DELTA]x = 0.01 (i.e., N = 100) for the numerical method of lines; thus the condition [alpha] + [[beta].sub.1] + [[beta].sub.2] ([[gamma].sub.1] + [[gamma].sub.2])/(1 - [delta]) [less than or equal to] 0 (< 0) is satisfied, which means the analytical solution of the problem (49) is stable and asymptotically stable.
The aim of the paper is to construct a method of lines for diffusion equations in three-component system with Neumann boundary conditions.
Banaja, "The method of lines solution of the regularized long-wave equation using Runge-Kutta time discretization method," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.
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There is an ample literature on the numerical method of lines for evolution differential or functional differential equations.
The modifications of the (SSDA) enable the method to be applied for arbitrary shaped structures that cannot be easily solved using the conventional method of lines (MOL) or (SSDA).
Keywords: Heat equation, Boundary integral specifications, Third order numerical methods, Method of lines, Parallel algorithm
The Method of Lines is a numerical method for solving partial differential equations that describe physical phenomena, and Pregla (Fern U., Hagen, Germany) explains how it can be applied to electromagnetic fields and waves.
The method of lines is not embarrassingly parallel because even an explicit ODE solver will need to keep all parts of the solution at the same time level.
The text contains problems and worked examples, plus appendices on determinants and matrices, MATLAB for numerical method of lines, other examples of program applications.
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