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MBWGMethyl Bromide Working Group (Washington, DC)
MBWGMaine Beer Writers' Guild (est. 2008)
MBWGMississippi Bat Working Group (est. 2001)
MBWGMarine Biodiversity Working Group (UK)
MBWGModel Building Working Group (Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator; St. Paul, MN)
MBWGMultiple-Beam Waveguide
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"Through various industry groups," the report states, "including the Methyl Bromide Global Coalition and the Methyl Bromide Working Group, the bromide barons have hindered the development of alternatives to methyl bromide, cast doubt on the scientific consensus that methyl bromide contributes to ozone depletion, and influenced the political process through lobbying."
Nationally, an industry lobby called the Methyl Bromide Working Group boasts to its members that "we intend to change the law which allows EPA to ban methyl bromide," claiming that "we stand an increasingly good chance of being able to use methyl bromide well beyond the year 2001."