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MSAPManaged Services Accreditation Program
MSAPMac Service Access Point
MSAPMulti Service Access Platform
MSAPMAC (Media Access Control) Service Access Point
MSAPMagnet Schools Assistance Program
MSAPManagement Skills Assessment Program
MSAPMethylation-Sensitive Amplification Polymorphism
MSAPManagement Service Access Point (ATMF)
MSAPMasonic Student Assistance Program
MSAPMedical Students' Aid Project
MSAPMaster of Science in Applied Physics
MSAPMulti-Services Access Platform
MSAPMoral Self-Assessment Protocol
MSAPMobile Source Air Pollution
MSAPMulti-mission System Architecture Platform (NASA)
MSAPMulti Sensor Attribute Processor
MSAPMaintenance System Advisory Panel
MSAPMulti-Service Adaptation Platform (Fore Systems)
MSAPMontgomery Student Assistance Program (Montgomery County, MD)
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Scoring and analysis of methylation-sensitive amplification polymorphisms for epigenetic population studies.