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For we do not speak now of men of poetical talents, or of industry and skill in metre, but of the true poet.
Gareth Allen, 17, had a great weekend winning two sliver medals and setting new personal best times in 100 and 200 metres butterfly.
* 23 metres (0-23 metres) at 25.8% manganese, including 3 metres (2-5 metres) at 31.2% manganese, 2 metres (6-8 metres) at 30.4% manganese and 2 metres (10-12 metres) at 32.8% manganese; * 7 metres (2-9 metres) at 26.5% manganese and 9 metres (15-24 metres) at 18.6% manganese; * 14 metres (5-19 metres) at 22.8% manganese; and * 8 metres (5-13 metres) at 21.4% manganese.
At hole 19RC021, results show 12 metres at 0.7% tungsten trioxide from 46 metres and 25 metres at 0.4% tungsten trioxide from 63 metres.
The Commercial Manager said a project to replace all e-cash metres in the south district with MBH metres would be carried out this year to solve the supply shortage issue.
More than 95,000 single-phase metres along with 11,000 three-phase metres ran out of order in the year 2017.LAHORE: Electric-energy corporations across the country have provided thousands of customers with defected metres.
(e) to revoke the existing no waiting at any time restriction on the following length of Kingsley Terrace - (1) west side, from Westgate Road southwards for 16 metres. (f) to revoke the existing no waiting between 8.00am to 9.15am and 4.00pm to 6.00pm Monday to Friday restriction on the following length of Westgate Road - (1) north side, from 57 metres west of Bishops Avenue to Beaconsfield Street.
According to MEPCO sources, the company had installed 3730 AMR metres so far to get the confidence of the consumers while the metre reading of electric metres could be made by electrically through this latest device and there would be no need of metre readers.
A channel sample evidenced 2.60 g/t of gold and 60.72 g/t of silver over 1.51 metres.