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MEWPMobile Elevating Work Platform
MEWPMultiple Entry Work Permit (UK)
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"The MEWP owner must implement a planned preventative inspection and maintenance programme to identify defects before they are able to impact the safe use of a machine.
Our industry's unified message was heard by MEWP manufacturers and suppliers.
MEWP to be truck mounted on a standard non sleeper type cab with a turn table rotation of 360 degrees with both cage, remote control and chassis mounted control systems to include a memory function;
According to Bureau Veritas, the rise of MEWP use and potential confusion around responsibility for the equipment could pose a compliance risk.
Mr Stevens' colleagues found him trapped between a roof beam and the controls of the MEWP, some 45ft above the dry dock.
Meanwhile, back in Europe the European MEWP rental market increased a little in 2014 (+1 per cent) and is now worth around $2.8 billion.
If the work comprises several tasks up to 15.9m high and not all in the same place, the best solution may be a MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform) or powered access equipment For longer duration work at height in a fully guard-railed work zone with a larger work area and work load capacity, towers may be needed.
Mr Scurry was using a scissor lift - known as a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) - when he became trapped.
Over recent months Scafftag has been redesigning some of its core products following extensive feedback from customer surveys and the Safety & Health Expo is said to be the perfect chance for visitors to see the new designs for Scafftag, Laddertag, Towertag, Entrytag, Excavation Tag, Mewp Tag and Forkliftag.
The benefits of using FlexiDry fast dry screed means the screed installation can be scheduled a later time in the building programme which allows heavy MEWP access etc.
brief description of requirement outputs / tasks the duel/hybrid fuelled mobile elevated work platform (mewp) of the self-propelled articulated boom type is required to support estates maintenance operations across stfcs 60 hectare ral site at harwell in oxfordshire.
With about 43% of the global mobile elevating work platform (Mewp) fleet within its borders, the US saw the percentage of total reported fatalities rise to more than 80%.