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MAGAMake America Great Again! (campaign slogan)
MAGAMueller Ain't Going Away (political slogan)
MAGAMinisterio de Agricultura Ganaderia y Alimentacion (Guatemala)
MAGAMexican American Grocers Association
MAGAMetropolitan Amateur Golf Association (est. 1992; various locations)
MAGAMorgan Area Genealogical Association (Illinois)
MAGAMichigan Amputee Golf Association
MAGAMinnesota Apple Growers Association
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"It is important to hire from the neighborhood," stresses Jerome Lloyd, a spokesman for the Mexican American Grocers Association, Los Angeles.
But you have to teach retailers how to merchandise to the Hispanic trade," says Joe Hernandez, vice president, sales and marketing, Mexican American Grocers Association, Los Angeles.
Steve Soto, president of the Mexican American Grocers Association (MAGA), agrees that the industry must do a better job of promoting itself.
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