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MBBMen's Basketball
MBBMobile Broadband (telecommunications)
MBBMaster Black Belt (Six Sigma)
MBBMolecular Biology and Biotechnology (various schools)
MBBMobile Broadband
MBBMaster Boot Block
MBBMultiplier Broadband
MBBMind, Brain and Behavior (various schools)
MBBMy Best Bill
MBBMedical Biochemistry and Biophysics (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden)
MBBMalayan Banking Berhad (Malaysia)
MBBMake Before Break
MBBMexican Bean Beetle (insect)
MBBMoisture Barrier Bag
MBBMolecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (various universities)
MBBMormons Building Bridges
MBBMen Behaving Badly (TV)
MBBMuslim Background Believers (Christians who converted to Christianity from Islam)
MBBMunicipal Bond Bank (various locations)
MBBMy Best Bud
MBBMediators Beyond Borders
MBBMind, Body and Breath (Yoga)
MBBMusic beyond Borders
MBBMy Bad Bro
MBBManagement Building Block
MBBMy Blood Boils
MBBMotorized Bottom Bracket
MBBMeredith Baxter Birney (actress)
MBBMortgage Brokerage Business
MBBMedial Branch Block
MBBMisty Bird Bath (various companies)
MBBModular Building Block
MBBMultiverso Bate-Boca
MBBMission-Based Budgeting
MBBMicro-Building Block
MBBMulti-Batch Buffer
MBBModulated Broadband
MBBMarshall Blues Breaker (guitar amplifier)
MBBMaster Bedroom Bathroom
MBBMcKinsey, Bain, and BCG (Boston Consulting Group)
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Precipitation and irrigation as factors in the distribution of the Mexican bean beetle Epilachna corrupta Muls.
Residual activity of selected insecticides against the adult Mexican bean beetle (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) on soybeans.
The strength and form of induced responses to Mexican bean beetle damage also varies among genotypes, and these induced responses affect beetle feeding preference, mortality, and growth in the lab (Kogan and Fischer 1991, Underwood 1997).
In contrast, female Mexican Bean beetles (Epilachna varivestis) reared as larvae on young, good-quality host foliage were heavier and flew longer than those reared on senescent, poor-quality foliage (Saks et al.
Field evaluation of soybeans for Mexican bean beetle resistance.
Plant introductions 416937 and 416925 are from MG VI and were reported to have resistance to Mexican bean beetle defoliation (Kraemer et al.
Influence of induced resistance in soybean on the development and nutrition of the soybean looper and the Mexican bean beetle. Entomol.
HC95-24MB and HC95-15MB are [F.sub.7]-derived lines developed by the pedigree procedure, advancing resistant plants [identified in the laboratory by LAST, a Mexican bean beetle larvae bioassay (7)], to the next generation until homozygosity for resistance was obtained.
If you grow beans, sooner or later your patch will be discovered by Mexican bean beetles (Epilachna varivestis).
The Mexican bean beetle likewise has an early spring cycle and is best avoided by waiting until mid-June to sow beans.
Cynthia Westcott says the Mexican bean beetle is "doubtless the worst enemy of eastern home vegetable gardens." It has not been so for me, but I'm not going to take any credit for this one.
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