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MEZMitteleuropäische Zeit (GMT+0100)
MEZMezzanine (theatre)
MEZMissile Engagement Zone
MEZMinisterie van Economische Zaken (Dutch: Ministry of Economic Cases)
MEZMilitary Exclusion Zone
MEZMaryland Enterprise Zone (commercial area)
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In addition, MEZ brought in f'real milkshakes, a new non-carbonated frozen drink offer, and then a carbonated frozen drink.
What happened to MEZ 1 is the essence of the new labor laws compliance system, a major reform program under the Aquino administration," Baldoz said.
Bromeliad species Pine forest a b c Tillandsia prodigiosa (Lem) Baker, 1889 0 0 0 Tillandsia carlos-hankii Matuda, 1973 40 3 4 Tillandsia calothyrsus Mez, 1896 0 0 0 Bromeliad species Pine-oak a b c Tillandsia prodigiosa (Lem) Baker, 1889 40 5 9 Tillandsia carlos-hankii Matuda, 1973 18 9 20 Tillandsia calothyrsus Mez, 1896 0 0 0 Bromeliad species Oak a b c Tillandsia prodigiosa (Lem) Baker, 1889 37 1 1 Tillandsia carlos-hankii Matuda, 1973 0 0 0 Tillandsia calothyrsus Mez, 1896 32 1 1
Schreyer and Mez argue that ERENE's costs could be met by participating member states thanks to revenues gained from the European Emission Trading Scheme.
In Table 2, a comparison of this material with Peruvian three-pinnate species reveals that although its leaves are narrower it shares many features of Tillandsia platyphylla Mez, and here is recognized as such.
Du Mez, I can't wait to get to your science class on Monday--I want the weekend to go real fast
The success story of Poltavskiy MEZ started about ten years ago with the establishment of a small enterprise in the Ukrainian town of Poltava.
Three 600 MEz to 1 GHz mid-range oscilloscopes featuring Infiniium MegaZoom deep-memory technology are available from Agilent Technologies, Inc.
The Performance Polymers Division of Ciba Specialty Chemicals has announced that it is marketing the new Ren MEZ epoxy casting system, said to feature the strength and heat resistance required to produce high-quality injection molds.
Worldwide, new lost foam capacity has been added in recent years at: Ferriere Fonderie di Dongo (aluminum jobbing - Italy), MEZ (iron jobbing - Czech Republic), Stanton PLC (ductile iron fittings/valves - England), Alexcon (iron and aluminum jobbing - India), First Automobile Works (aluminum intake manifolds - China), Jin Hong (iron diesel heads - China), Lovink (iron jobbing - Holland), Arbomex (iron jobbing - Mexico) and Handtman (aluminum jobbing - Germany).