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MEZMitteleuropäische Zeit (GMT+0100)
MEZMezzanine (theatre)
MEZMissile Engagement Zone
MEZMinisterie van Economische Zaken (Dutch: Ministry of Economic Cases)
MEZMilitary Exclusion Zone
MEZMaryland Enterprise Zone (commercial area)
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Mahi is listed as a Peza information technology enterprise and stands on a 7,500-square meter lot in MEZ.
The legality of the sinking of General Belgrano was later disputed due to disagreement on the exact nature of the MEZ and whether General Belgrano had been returning to port at the time of the sinking.
Filled with well-developed and extremely likable characters, Mez's Magic is a fast-paced and broad-reaching first entry in a new series.
In addition, MEZ brought in f'real milkshakes, a new non-carbonated frozen drink offer, and then a carbonated frozen drink.
En el protologo de la especie, Mez (1896: 466) no designo cual de ellas es el holotipo.
Luther Guzmania gloriosa (Andre) Andre ex Mez Guzmania squarrosa Mez & Sodiro) L.B.
two of its authors, Anthony cartwright and Mez Packer (below), have been shortlisted for next month's commonwealth Writers'Prize for their novels Heartland and Among thieves.
But the way the Kerchers handled themselves and others was a tribute to their beloved Mez.
Editors are Mez (political and social sciences, Freie U.
We only found scorpions on Tillandsia prodigiosa (Lem) Baker 1889, Tillandsia carlos-hankii Matuda 1973 and Tillandsia calothyrsus Mez 1896.
Karla Ball; Richard Phillips; Crystal Trow; Mez Jones