MfDRManaging for Development Results
MfDRMethodology in Fish Diseases Research (mailing list)
MfDRMultiple Frequency-Dispersion Reconstruction
MfDRMedium Frequency Digital Receiver
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In this regard, a High-Level Forum on MfDR was held at Hotel Taj Samudra on August 31, 2019, with the participation of Senior Government Officials, Development Partners, Non-Governmental sector and Academia to discuss and formulate an implementation strategy for MfDR.
The training, which is part of the AfCoP project activities, complements the capacity-building actions on Managing for Development Results (MfDR) undertaken by the project at the highest level of African States.
Maximum flow declination rate (MFDR) is the negative peak value as indicated.
In an important development for recently widowed spouses, MFDR extends the period of time during which a surviving spouse may use the $500,000 joint filing home sale gain exclusion before being treated as a single individual entitled to a maximum $250,000 exclusion.
The Afrik4R Initiative, the AfCoP flagship programme through which a set of activities are being implemented in 17 countries including Malawi, is being instrumental in supporting the process of internalizing the benefits of MfDR, thereby promoting a results-culture.
The Afrik4R Initiative, the AfCoP flagship programme through which the RRIs are being implemented, has been instrumental in supporting the process of internalizing the benefit of MfDR. This has further enhanced governance and accountability, leading to better communication across ministries in Madagascar.
Project details : This Technical Cooperation aims to consolidate and accelerate developmental efforts made to date by central Government in Public Financial Management; this is expected to improve the Government of Guyanas (GoG) capacity to manage more effectively for development results (MfDR).
the s-cdta will have three main outputs: (i) mfdr principles institutionalized and operationalized in motc; (ii) roads subsector results-based framework developed in line with national planning objectives; and (iii) m&e system developed to support results-based planning, budgeting and monitoring in the roads subsector.
impact and outcome the impact of the ta is that mfdr approaches will be further advanced in participating countries.
The project aims to support the African community of practice for managing for development results (AfCoP) to mainstream Managing for Development Results (MfDR).
OVE therefore plays a central role in IDB s evaluation system and often is at the origin of policy changes and improvements in Management for Development Results (MfDR).
More importantly, the component on Knowledge will help to foster exchange of experiences and mutual learning on MfDR and regional integration, developing case studies, guidelines, analytical work on MfDR and on policy convergence, and disseminating good practices and knowledge products.