MGUMeiji Gakuin University (also seen as MG; Japan)
MGUMotor Generator Unit
MGUMichigan Gas Utilities (San Antonio, TX)
MGUMost General Unifier
MGUManaging General Underwriter (insurance)
MGUMahatma Gandhi University (Kerala India)
MGUMovement for Guatemalan Unity
MGUMidcourse Guidance Unit
MGUMature Gamers Unite! (gaming group)
MGUMobile Gallery Unit (New Zealand)
MGUMoscovsky Gosudarstvenny Universitet (Russian: Moscow State University)
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With the continued growth of this business, the renaming identifies the MGU more closely to the RSG platform.
Insurance provider, Arch Insurance North America, has announced plans to purchase Ventus Risk Management, a technology and analytics-driven managing general underwriter (MGU).
marine insurance business is teaming with Vindati, an InsureTech managing general underwriter (MGU) offering specialty products and an integrated shopping experience for brokers and agents.
Schinnerer & Company in the United States, ENCON in Canada, and other MGU enterprises globally.
110 patients with MGU among 22,528 male patients attending Dermatology OPD and STI clinic were included in study and relative prevalence rate was calculated as 4.88 per 1000.
O delineamento experimental utilizado foi o de blocos casualizados, com tres tratamentos (MGI, MGM e MGU) e, para a formacao dos blocos, foi levado em consideracao o peso dos animais.
Are all parties willing to reduce fees--the broker, MGU, insurer and reinsurer?
He commended the efforts exerted by the Maghreb golf federation, saying that choosing Tunisia to host the MGU headquarters is a consideration for the country for the interest it takes in sports in general and golf in particular.
We will miss him and we will find it very hard to replace him,' was the tribute from MGU president, John Tickell.
The proof is a standard inductive argument on the execution of mgu and case analysis on the shape of Q.
Global Banking News-August 20, 2019--Arch Insurance to purchase MGU Ventus Risk Management
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 20, 2019--Arch Insurance to purchase MGU Ventus Risk Management