MHMMMitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery (Japan)
MHMMMulti-Resolution Hidden Markov Model
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EXAMPLE 2 01 Bob: I pulled that out as a direct quote because it 02 was just too confus--.hh 03 Meg: Mhmm 04 Bob: I barely understand it myself, 05 Meg: Hehe 06 Bob: But, 07 Meg: Yeah 08 Bob: You know what I mean?
Despues de finalizar asi su turno, sin recibir mas respuesta que una leve senal de la moderadora (un "mhmm" en la linea 13), Blanca cede explicitamente la palabra a los demas hablantes con un "e::h?", en la linea 14.
The 2-D multi-resolution hidden Markov model (MHMM) is used in the experiment.
mhmm Coventry's original Arabic restaurant UEi]pounds Qpounds a9142 Far Gosford Street,
Verbal feedback can occur in many forms, ranging from brief vocalizations and minimal responses such as mhmm and yeah through to longer sequences such as the questions discussed in the previous section.
(13.) Montforts MHMM. Validation of the exposure assessment for veterinary medicinal products.
[6.] Grillo MHMM. The impacto of a vocal improvement course in a speech language and hearing science prevention context.