MiFIDMarkets in Financial Instruments Directive
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This year, ESMA will focus in particular on the effective application of MiFID II/MiFIR during its first year of application.
As a leading European bank, BNP Paribas wants to be at the forefront of MiFID II implementation, and we will do our best to help our clients comply with their new obligations.
MiFID is a European Union law which standardizes regulation for investment services across all member states of the European Economic Area.
Research Management Portal is a ready to implement solution which will ensure that research procurement and distribution complies with the MiFID II regulatory guidelines.
advisors and broker-dealers to continue current payment and aggregation practices for research and brokerage notwithstanding impending MiFID II requirements.
In addition, the site provides relevant news and content regarding MiFID II legislation, including FlexTrade's customised MiFID II compliance solution, answers to commonly asked questions regarding inducements and informative blog post updates.
Already successfully deployed to several global investment banks and trading houses, VSmart provides a perfect balance between user experience and compliance, securing and enabling regulated users, all while adhering to stringent global regulations such as Dodd-Frank and MiFID II.
MiFID II, which comes into effect on January 3, 2018, demands that all financial services firms in Europe must keep records of all services, activities and transactions for at least five years.
In order to qualify as a third party through MIFID II, the European Commission must deem the country's regulatory standards as equivalent to those in place across the EU.
This covers Orc's Trading Bricks and Execution Bricks platforms, with the intention of delivering turn-key, tailored solutions that are fully MiFID II-enabled.
Lastly, as the transposition and legal enforcement of the measures introduced in MAD and MiFID differ substantially among member states of the EU, we identify a greater need of coordination among regulatory authorities across Europe.
The MiFID II-MiFIR reform consists of a directive amending Directive 2004/39/EC on markets in financial instruments and a regulation on markets in financial instruments, and amending the EMIR regulation.