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(39) Just as his children defy his interdictions, Crosswill flouts royal authority by moving to the town; Mihil says his father "never was fully bent on't [moving to the town] until the Proclamation of restraint spurred him up" (2.1.sp212).
Or of zeal, rather: "I'll undertake one good fellow, that has but just as much religion as will serve an honest man's turn, will bear more wine than ten of these giddy-brain'd Puritans, their heads are so full of whimsies," exclaims the wit Mihil from his alehouse bench.
(31) George Gifford, A Dialogue Concerning Witches and Witchcraftes (London: John Windet for Tobie Cooke and Mihil Hart, 1593), C[4.sup.r].