MiTaMMission Tasking Matrix (USAID)
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Ensure that the MITAM is accessible and can handle the high volume of use from all constituents.
Third, only USAID-approved MITAMs were executed, which kept the FCE out of the business of validating NGO requests.
This included the daily Joint Effects Coordination Board, where USAID, JSF, and component representatives reviewed validated MITAMs and then tasked them to the appropriate component.
Ambassador), semi-weekly interagency synch meetings, and nightly operations-synch meetings with the DART MITAM managers.
The BACC tasking matrix essentially applied to bilateral coordination of nuclear-related foreign assistance the proven MITAM system used by the DART for civil-military coordination, providing a single tool for listing all requests for U.S.
This collaborative system proved extremely useful in enabling timely and efficient responses to requests for assistance by the Japanese government, created a single, streamlined vehicle for communication between the two governments, and represented a successful adaptation of the proven DART MITAM system for use in a bilateral context to support a host nation in managing a CBRN emergency abroad.