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Based on this, the study conducted ISM and MICMAC analyses.
Definidas las variables, a continuacion y con la ayuda de MICMAC, las relacionaremos entre si con el fin de comprobar si existe influencia directa entre ellas y, de ser asi, cual es la intensidad de dicha influencia.
In a next step, we conducted a MICMAC analysis (Matrice d'Impacts Croises Multiplication Appliques a un Classement, or Impact Matrix Cross-Reference Multiplication Applied to a Classification) to identify indirect relationships between the impact variables (Godet 1986).
(ii) To identify the mutual relationships between identified success factors of SSCM practices by ISM and MICMAC analysis
Em seguida e realizada a analise estrutural (MICMAC), que permite a classificacao das variaveis em relacao a certo numero de parametros fundamentais para caracterizar seu papel no sistema, pondo em evidencia uma hierarquia de variaveis e facilitando a identificacao das variaveis-chave.
Mitchell says that a student is also eligible if a parent or grandparent has been enrolled in one of the four Maine tribes: the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Micmac and Maliseet.
In an opening prayer, Blu Waters, Seneca's Elder on campus and a Cree and Metis Elder of the Micmac Wolf Clan, thanked the college for its support in continuing to move its positive relationship with First Nations people forward.