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MICONMilitary Construction
MICONMission Concept
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There's no permanent Jewish facility,'' Micon said.
Our firm has been consulting to the utility industry for twelve years by being focused and providing executives the alternatives in software procurement which are supported by detailed cost analysis information," said Steven Dick, MICON president.
He has also served as the Director of Service, Installation and Engineering for NEG Micon USA, Inc.
OpenAccess/DS is a state-of-the-art process that continues to build on the vendor-independent and customer specific solution approach that has kept MICON at the vanguard of utility industry consulting for over 12 years.
Micon is an international independent firm of consulting geologists, mining engineers and metallurgists with offices in Toronto, Canada and Norwich, United Kingdom.
4 million in pre-production capital costs estimated in the Micon feasibility study.
Micon believes that no environmental, permitting, legal, title, taxation, socio-economic, marketing, or political issues exist which would adversely affect the mineral resources estimated herein.
Micon suggests the Gold Eagle JV is justified in continuing to conduct exploration activities on the property that are designed to attempt to expand the limits of the known mineralization in the area of the WDZ, and to discover additional areas of gold mineralization on the remainder of the land holdings.
If the project's current Indicated and Inferred Resources are combined, Micon estimates that Bucko can operate an underground mining project at 1,000 tonnes per day and produce over 14 million pounds of Nickel, almost one million pounds of Copper and 100,000 pounds of Cobalt per year, at a cash cost of US $2.
Chipworks is committed to working closely with the Israeli technology companies Micon now serves.
2 million ounces of inferred mineral resource previously referenced by DSM and reviewed by Micon International Limited.
Micon International Limited ("Micon") will carry out an audit at startup of drilling to verify that sample preparation and assaying procedures meet approved standards.