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MHEXMaterial Handling Extension
MHEXMicro Heat Exchanger
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The main contributions of this paper are: (i) to determine an alternate geometry for the heat exchanger such that the flow uniformity along the microchannels is easily attained and (ii) to provide a comparison of the flow uniformity along the microchannels for different types of existing and proposed micro heat exchanger plate geometry.
A micro heat exchanger (8.6 mm x 7 mm) with microchannels of 200 mm wide and 4 mm length has been modelled.
However, the value of [delta] is fixed for a geometry and hence the fabricated micro heat exchanger can be used efficiently for certain fluids only.
A two-dimensional model has been used to study the flow distribution along the microchannels for various plate geometries of a micro heat exchanger. The flow uniformity throughout the system is assessed and a novel micro heat exchanger configuration is proposed to achieve uniform flow distribution under a wide range of operating conditions (robust for velocity and density variations).
Haubelt, "Development of a Ceramic Micro Heat Exchanger Design, Construction and Testing," Chemical Engineering and Technology, 28(12) 1554-1560 (2005).
As with single-phase micro heat exchangers, it is expected that heat fluxes of up to 100 watts per square centimeter (1 megawatt per square meter) may be obtainable, but we are not yet confident that the basic phenomenon is sufficiently understood.
One external layer would contain micro heat exchangers, another microcompressors, the next micro expansion valves, and the last another externa set of micro heat exchangers.
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