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2MMissing Person (police incident code)
2M2moons (gaming)
2MMediterranean Market & Deli (Richmond, VA)
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designs, develops, manufactures and distributes miniature and micro-miniature body-worn devices.
The Global solenoid valve market is also witnessing trend of development of new solenoid valves such as customized valves, pinch valves, and micro-miniature valves.
Home to a series of Intel interactive showcases, visitors will also be immersed in the world of micro-miniature computer chips, helping them understand what happens when millions of electronic components are packed onto quarter-inch squares of silicon and time is measured in billionths of seconds, the Kustar statement said.
Gajendra uses no extra help to support his eyes to do micro-miniature. But he credits his family and wife for all his success.
Exception, the Midlands-based specialist printed circuit board fabricator, is predicting significant growth in the area of micro-miniature electronics as it continues to invest in new technology and skills.
South-Korean based Hynix will invest $500 million in the massive plant in west Eugene during the next three years as the firm embraces nanotechnology, or the creation of micro-miniature products.
The Makino horizontal wire EDM machine can handle such jobs as gears for micro-miniature molds, fiber optics, inkjet nozzles and medical instruments.
With capabilities for automatically threading and machining with wire as small as 0.00078 inch (0.02 mm) in diameter, the UP J-2 EDM machine from Makino is said to meet the needs of the micro-miniature machining market segments that require micrometer-level and nanometer-level machining technologies.
This new EDM machine can handle jobs including gears for micro-miniature molds, fiber optics, inkjet nozzles, and medical instruments.
One spin-off of integrated circuit processing is the field of nanotechnology, presaged by Richard Feynman in his 1959 address to the American Physical Society, "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom." Along with micro-miniature electronics, we now have a capability for micro-miniature machines that can do such tasks as clear our arteries of plaque and deliver drugs to just the right places.
The 10,000-square-foot Intel Museum will introduce your meeting participants to the micro-miniature world of computer chips, where millions of electronic components are packed onto quarter-inch squares and time is measured in billionths of seconds.
The most familiar kinds are known as standards but others are classified as large, semi-miniature, miniature and micro-miniature. Of the cascading kinds, the Trail series contains some of the best, including Star Trail, blue with a white edge, and Sweetheart Trail, with double flowers in two shades of pink.