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MicroTCAMicro Telecommunications Computing Architecture (also seen as MTCA)
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From a 1U MicroTCA platform with six AdvancedMC slots to a 13U AdvancedTCA platform with up to 12 ATCA carrier card slots, the Kontron AdvancedMC module AM4024 is an integral component to support the various streaming, live and off- line video transcoding.
It is configurable with the Kontron MicroTCA 1U carrier-grade platform OM6061.
The company will be demonstrating NexusWare SIP, NexusWare Portal, and its IPnexus MicroTCA systems at the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley 2009, San Jose, CA (March 31-April 2, 2009, booth 1630).
(MicroTCA has spread from communications applications to other embedded computing applications.) Redundancy and hot-swap features in MicroTCA systems ensure the high availability of those systems.
Built for 10-Gigabit Ethernet and Category 7a premise wiring systems, the ARJ45 Category 7a modular plug and jack can be used as a replacement in closed-loop InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, EyeMAX, serial-attached SCSI, PCI express and microTCA applications.
This can occur in a variety of applications such as ATCA and MicroTCA chassis, 19" rack mount units, and 1U high enclosures.
microtca platform microtca system with adcs (at least 2 inputs with> = 8 bit nominal amplitude resolution and> = 56 gsa / s sample rate) and fpgas (max 2 fpga with> = 2 349 000 logical cells,> = 1 800 dsp slices and> = 60 gty transceivers) for signal processing of all data in real time.
Applications include MicroTCA, servers, Storage, Networking equipment, POE applications, wireless networks, industrial applications, and test equipment.
Based on MicroTCA, that offers flexibility, scalability, easy maintenance, redundancy, high bandwidth capability and security.
* Availability with either a 3U cPCI backplane or a single-width MicroTCA backplane.
Using Performance Technologies' award-winning IPnexus MicroTCA systems powered by the new AMC123, designers have virtually endless options for systems that are operational right out-of-the-box.
Smaller eNodeB products, such as those based on the MicroTCA form factor, are expected to be important for LTE deployments worldwide.