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MDBMicrosoft Access Database (file extension)
MDBMessage Driven Bean
MDBMitglied des Bundestages (German: Member of Parliament)
MDBModular Debugger
MDBMurray-Darling Basin (South Australia)
MDBMaster Database
MDBMy Dying Bride (band)
MDBMultilateral Development Bank
MDBManagement Database
MDBMicrosoft Access Data Base
MDBManaged Data Base
MDBMessage Driven Beans
MDBMovie Data Base
MDBMulti Dimensional Data Base
MDBMultimedia Data Base
MDBMultiple Data Base
MDBMovimento Democrático Brasileiro (Brazilian party)
MDBMinimum Data Base (medical care)
MDBMit der Bitte (German: With the Request)
MDBMain Distribution Board
MDBModerated Discussion Board (various organizations)
MDBMoscow Defense Brief
MDBMieux se Déplacer à Bicyclette (French: Better Commute by Bicycle)
MDBMarketing Database
MDBMaintenance Database
MDBMulti Drop Bus
MDBMillion Dollar Band (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
MDBMetalloprotein Database and Browser
MDBMouvement de Defense de la Bicyclette (French)
MDBMetropolitan Development Board
MDBMurder by Death (band)
MDBMedical Devices Bureau (Health Canada)
MDBMy Data Bank (software feature)
MDBMetabolic Diseases Branch (US DHHS)
MDBMicroarray Database
MDBMutual Defense Board (United States of America and the Republic of the Philippines)
MDBMelbourne Development Board (Melbourne, Australia)
MDBMarc Douglas Berardo (singer/songwriter)
MDBMestské divadlo Brno (Brno City Theatre; Brno, Czech Republic)
MDBMission Data Base
MDBMichiel de Boer (artist webstite)
MDBMovable Deformable Barrier (automobile crash testing)
MDBBasic Metal Detector
MDBMesh Database
MDBMulticast Descriptor Block (Cisco)
MDBMississippi Delta Blues (Society)
MDBMusical Data Bases
MDBMaintenance Manual Depot With IPB
MDBMissioni Don Bosco (Italian: Don Bosco Missions)
MDBManufacturing Data Base
MDBManagement Data Bank
MDBMaintenance Decision Board
MDBMolecular Diagnostics and Biotechnology
MDBMarsavius Design Bureau
MDBMaximum Delay Bounds
MDBMultiplex Data Bus
MDBMike DeGraw Bertsch (photographer; New York)
MDBMaximum Death Benefit (insurance)
MDBMultipoint Data Bridging
MDBMillennium Dome Bombing
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Microarray experimentation is one of the fastest-growing methods used in genomic research and has led to a broad diversity of microarray databases in both the public domain and commercial domains (Gardiner-Garden and Littlejohn 2001).
Various research organizations maintain a host of smaller "core" databases, including the holdings of the Microarray Center at the NIEHS National Center for Toxicogenomics (NCT) and the Stanford Microarray Database at Stanford University.
Such a microarray database, GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus), is already up and running at the National Center for Bioinformatics (13).
Gene Expression Specifications: Another objective of MIAME was to guide the development of microarray databases and data management software.
Public microarray databases include NCBI, Genbank, Array Express, Gene Expression Omnibus, and Stanford Microarray [14].
The structure of this paper is as follows: In the next section, microarray databases are described in general, along with the details of the proposed methods.
Subsequent chapters examine topics such as the design of microarrays for the analysis of gene expressions; standard clustering approaches for gene microarray data analysis; modeling affymetrix data at the probe level; Bayesian analysis of microarray data; false discovery rate and multiple comparison procedures; using standards to facilitate interoperation of heterogeneous microarray databases and analytic tools; and combining high dimensional biological data to study complex diseases and quantitative traits.