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MSBTMissionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity (religious order)
MSBTMicrobiological Safety of Blood and Tissues (Department of Health; London, England, UK)
MSBTMichigan Single Business Tax
MSBTMik's Scrolling Battle Text (gaming,World of Warcraft add-on)
MSBTMontgomery Salivary Bypass Tube (esophageal medicine)
MSBTMidnight Sun Bungee Team
MSBTMember of the Society of Teachers in Business Education (UK)
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The move came after the expert advisory committee on the Microbiological Safety of Blood and Tissues for Transplantation was asked to consider the need for any further precautionary measures.
While the measures taken already have reduced these risks - such as leuco-depletion of blood and modernisation of NHS decontamination facilities - the UK expert committee on the microbiological safety of blood and tissues for transplantation (MSBT) is actively reviewing other possible ways in which the unknown risk from vCJD in blood might be reduced even further.
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