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MicrosoftMicrocomputer Software
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com directory information to millions of licensed Microsoft Office System users," said Gytis Barzdukas, director of the Microsoft Office System, Information Worker Product Management Group at Microsoft Corp.
John Mathew, BST Product Manager, stated, "The Microsoft Project 2002 BVC is an excellent way for us to prepare to build new project management solutions for our large- and mid-sized customers.
It is also past time to take an even longer historical perspective: to look at the government's earlier adventures in antitrust and see how they compare with the Microsoft case.
Many believe that Microsoft dominance was a good idea because it promoted standards.
But they show that he has accepted almost every element of the government's case against Microsoft and has rejected as specious virtually all the arguments Microsoft put up in its defense.
It is impossible to imagine a book doing so more forcefully than The Microsoft Way by Randall E.
The challenge to Microsoft promises to have broad implications for the heated contest between that company and Netscape Communications Corp.
For Microsoft, it was a battle to control market share.