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MS SQLMicrosoft SQL Server
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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Administrationis good for the beginners and teaches skills to get the MCSA or MCSE certificates.
Kourier's Net Change engine was redesigned to provide significant performance increases when loading Microsoft SQL Server databases from non-UniData/UniVerse data sources.
AML Manager, a key component of the solution suite, will adopt the newest release of Microsoft SQL Server, code-named "Denali," in the future.
-- Adaptive, Scalable Microsoft SQL Server Platform
The company also showcased Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Silverlight 2.0.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-29 February 2008-NAVTEQ Corporation to offer NAVTEQ map data for use in Microsoft SQL Server 2008(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
According to the company, Captaris Workflow 6.5 features: new support for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007; simulation module, which supports Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation; integration with Microsoft Office InfoPath and Forms Server 2007; enhanced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); enhanced support for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006; as well as support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express.
* support for Oracle as its back-end database, as well as Microsoft SQL Server, to allow even more companies to remove the intercompany process from the close-critical path;
Improved features include better network diagrams, new discovery methods, improved Microsoft Office Visio exports, support for Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.0, and new Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) support.
The software is based on proven server technologies including Active Server Pages, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC and Pendragon SyncServer.
DBxtra allows you to connect to Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 and any other database through ODBC.
Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle would work the same way, as do file server home directories.
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