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MCLMid-Canada Line
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MCLMine Clearance Launcher
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MCLMinimum Clear Length
MCLMoto Club Luxembourg (French: Luxembourg Motorcycle Club; Luxembourg)
MCLMaintenance Capability Level
MCLMaster Calibration List
MCLMcLaughner's Cafeterias (restaurant chain)
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These types of initiatives can be directly evaluated with respect to the Fort Albany case, as many of them are reflected in the Mid-Canada Line Principles Paper (MCL Working Groups, 1998) and the MCRL Memorandum of Understanding (OMNR and Fort Albany FN, 2000).
The rationale behind the health study was given as a "need to further investigate the human health implications arising out of the Technical Working Group's (TWG) Mid-Canada Line Radar Sites environment assessment that indicated some evidence that PCBs had entered vegetation and thus, the food chain" (MSB, 1999:1).
Human health risks from PCBs at the former Mid-Canada Line Radar Site 050 at Fort Albany Ont.
(EMS) Mid-Canada Line Site 050 (Fort Albany) clean-up.
Memorandum to Steering Committee members: Notice of meeting Mid-Canada Line environmental clean-up protocol.
The Mid-Canada Line, also called the McGill Fence, was one of three lines of radar sites strung across Canada in the 1950s and 1960s, designed to give advanced warning should bombers from the Soviet Union attack North America from across the North Pole.
The news that the federal and provincial governments are both ready to at least talk about cleaning up the Mid-Canada Line sites is good indeed, but its no guarantee of results.
The two organizations are partnering on a Web site that will provide background information about the Mid-Canada Line sites and tell them how they can help bring pressure to bear to finally get the sites cleaned up.