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Black diamond represents the composition of seawater at 2[degrees]C and red diamond represents the isochemical dissolution of mid-ocean ridge basalt. The dashed red curve shows the evolution of the fluid composition from fluid-buffered to rock-buffered conditions at a temperature of 400[degrees]C.
Instead of pointing at the composition corresponding to dissolved mid-ocean ridge basalts, the rock-buffered fluid end-member compositions are characterized by Mg-Na depletions and Ca-K enrichment characteristic of the overall fluid/rock interaction process predicted by the model (Figure 6).
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Today, based mostly on isotopic data from OIB and mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB), five types of mantle-source regions, or components, are recognized (Zindler and Hart, 1986; Hofmann, 2003).
The rest of the whole-rock geochemical signature points to a within-plate setting with character transitional between enriched mid-ocean ridge basalts (EMORB) and ocean-island basalts (OIB) and no prominent crustal contamination (Fig.
They reported mid-ocean ridge basalts, island arc tholeiites, within-plate tholeiites and alkali basalts.
This new composite magma chamber model has broad implications for the composition of mid-ocean ridge basalts and how they vary along the ridge crest, the structure and formation of the lower oceanic crust, the circulation of hydrothermal fluids, and the longevity of mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems.